Get started

Ready to throw on your lab coat and become a citizen scientist for Whale mAPP? You can contribute data to the project through the web app, or by becoming a beta tester for our Android mobile app.

Let’s just check a few things before we get carried away with all the science stuff.

Find your region

Whale mAPP provides region-specific lists of species to choose from when submitting marine mammal observations.

So far, we are only set up to support the regions displayed in the map below. You’ll probably want to verify that your region is supported before you create an account.


Is your region not included? Send us an email. We are always looking for ways to improve our geography-specific species lists.

Sign up for an account

Have an Android device? Sign up to be a beta tester for our mobile app and use your Android device to:

  • Record and visualize ocean-based trips.

  • Track marine mammal sightings.

  • Choose from a list of species in your region and submit photos of your observations.

  • Pre-download offline maps to use when traveling through areas without reception.

Before signing up, let’s make sure your Android device meets our technical specifications.

Don’t have an Android device? That’s okay, we forgive you. You can sign up for an account, anyway, and submit observations through the web app, or by checking out our partner apps.

Once we create your account, we’ll send you instructions for accessing the apps.