Changes in version 5.5.2

  • Migrated from Parse to ArcGIS Online user authentication
  • Pointed to new ArcGIS Online datasets
  • Removed ability to submit data anonymously
  • Removed autosync functionality
  • Fixed crash when app is first opened on operating systems > 5.0
  • Darkened stars under the Confidence Rating question in the Observation form
  • Fixed bug that hid the menu button under “My Data” in operating systems > 5.0 so that users can view individual observations and export their data
  • Removed ability to download existing data to device
  • Observations moved to top layer in Map View of a trip
  • Fixed offline map download error “unexpected end of stream”
  • Fixed bug that keeping ocean basemap from being drawn
  • Removed “Licensed for developer use only” from Map View during trip
  • Fixed “export to csv” bug for observations
  • Fixed bug that made the behavior field appear incomplete for expert users
  • Updates to Terms of Use & Privacy Policy