Whale mAPP Disconnected

Being out on a boat, your biggest question might be “What if I lose connectivity?”  Whale mAPP is designed to work whether you have connection or not.  If you know you are going to be in a disconnected environment, you can download offline maps.

In And Out of Connectivity

When there is no connection, a popup will appear at the bottom of your screen letting you know.


 Until you regain connection, track line and observations will appear on gray canvas:


Accessing Offline Maps for Complete Disconnection

If you know you’ll be disconnected, offline maps can be downloaded prior to your trip through the Settings Menu (access from the Home Menu of the app).

Select “Default offline maps” from the Settings Menu



Find your region, and let your phone sit while it downloads.

Not sure of your region?


After the download completes, your Default offline map will be set.  Check the box to “Only use offline maps”


You are ready to start a trip with offline maps that will look similar to the map below.