Whale alert – west coast

Download the Whale alert app!

This new smart phone/tablet application was developed by Conserve.IO and is a publicly available and user-friendly way for just about anyone to report whale sightings on the west coast.

Data from Whale Alert 2.0 is available within two hours on the Whale Alert – West Coast website, compiled and communicated to marine management agencies.  The agencies are then able to alert ships to either reduce their speed or choose alternative routes when approaching areas where whales have been  sighted.

About Whale alert

Whale Alert – West Coast was formed by Point Blue Conservation Science and partners to help prevent endangered whales from being injured or killed by commercial vessel strikes in the increasingly busy shipping lanes off the West Coast, particularly off California.

Whale Alert – West Coast aims to use science, innovative technology, and collaborative community effort to decrease ship strikes to whales.  A key component of this effort is the use of downloadable apps, Whale Alert 2.0 and Spotter Pro, by nature lovers, fishers, and mariners.

The success of Whale Alert – West Coast depends on your increased participation and willingness to contribute observations taken while whale watching from land and at sea along the coast.

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