Fraser’s Dolphin

Scientific Name:
Lagenodelphis hosei
2.8 m (9.2 ft)
200 kg (440 lbs)
good to go
Mid-water fish, squid and crustaceans

Physical characteristics

The Fraser's dolphin has small flippers and is colored grey-blue to grey-brown on the upper side. The belly is white and a dirty cream colored line runs along the flanks starting from the beak.

Behavioral characterization

They are known to be deep divers.


Found in temperate waters.

Population size

289500 in the eastern Pacific, 13500 in the Eastern Sulu Sea, 10200 around the Hawaiian Islands


Large sharks and killer whales.

Migration/Dispersal patterns

There are no detailed reports on the migratory behavior available.

Social system/Group size

Form very large groups of hundreds, sometimes thousands. Often seen in mixed groups with melon-headed whales, short-finned pilot whales, Risso's dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and sperm whales.

Major threats

They mainly suffer from pollution, especially close to the shore. Entanglement in fishing gear and hunting are threats as well.

Research efforts


Fun fact

They are known to be able to dive up to 600 m deep.