Long-Beaked Common Dolphin

Scientific Name:
Delphinus capensis
1.9-2.5 m (6.2-8.2 ft)
80-235 kg (180-520 lbs)
good to go
Small schooling fish.

Physical characteristics

Sleek gray body with white belly and yellowish thoracic panel. Long beaks.

Behavioral characterization

Energetic. Commonly seen swimming rapidly, breaching, and porpoising. Have been known to bowride for long periods of time.


Commonly found along the U.S. west coast, Mexico, South America, West Africa, South Africa, Madagascar, the Arabian Peninsula, India, Indonesia, China, Korea, and Southern Japan.

Population size

Estiamted to be about 80,000


Orcas and Sharks, although data is limited

Migration/Dispersal patterns

No set migration pattern

Social system/Group size

Usually found in large social groups averaging from 100-500 animals, but have been occasionally seen in larger herds of thousands of individuals.

Major threats

Bycatch: driftnets, gillnets, purse seines, and trawls Small numbers have been killed for food and bait in the Caribbean, Peru, West Africa, and other offshore islands

Research efforts


Fun fact

Long-beaked common dolphins have more teeth than any other species of dolphin