Striped Dolphin

Scientific Name:
Stenella coeruleoalba
2.3 m (7.5 ft)
155 kg (340 lbs)
good to go
Small midwater and pelagic fish (lanternfish, cod, …) and squid

Physical characteristics

The body is dark gray on the upper side and light gray on the belly with stripes of gray/blue and white.

Behavioral characterization

Can dive between 200 to 700 m.


Temperate/tropical waters worldwide

Population size

Over 2,000,000


Sharks and killer whales.

Migration/Dispersal patterns

Off the US east coast they do no migrate. In Japan, they are migrating south in September and October to the East China Sea and return in April. In the Mediterranean they are migrating north during summer months and in the Ligurian Sea diurnal offshore-inshore movements were observed.

Social system/Group size

Varies with the regions. In Japan, groups of up to 100 individuals were most commen. They were devided in juvenile and adult groups (non-breeding and breeding).

Major threats

They are hunted in Japan, the Solomon Islands and rarely in the Mediterranean. Another big threat is the entanglement in fishing gear, especially in the tuna drift-net fishery.

Research efforts


Fun fact

The most commonly found fish in their stomachs is the lanternfish.