Dall’s Porpoise

Scientific Name:
Phocoenoides dalli
2-2.4 m (7-8 ft)
up to 220 kg (480 lbs)
good to go
Squid, lanternfish, anchovies, sardines, and small schooling fish.

Physical characteristics

Flank patch that extends to about the level of the dorsal fin;small flippers and flukes; dark grey to black coloration; upper part of the dorsal fin and the trailing edge of flukes are light grey

Behavioral characterization

Can be seen associating with Pacific white-sided dolphins and short-finned pilot whales


Northern and Western Pacific

Population size

Around 1.2 million animals


Sharks and orcas

Migration/Dispersal patterns

Although individuals do travel throughout the species' range, the species doesn't have a set migration pattern.

Social system/Group size

Usually found in groups averaging between 2-20 individuals. Occasionaly found in large groups of up to 1000 individuals.

Major threats

Threatened by humans, because they are often caught accidentally in fishing nets

Research efforts


Fun fact

Most cetaceans don't have "eye colors", but Dall's porpoise is an exception. They have been reported to have blue-green pupils.