Spectacled Porpoise

Scientific Name:
Phocena dioptrica
1.3 - 2.2 m (4.3 - 7.2 ft)
60 - 115 kg (132 - 155 lbs)
good to go
Squid, fish, octopus, shrimp and molluscs

Physical characteristics

The upper body is colored blue/black. It has a distinct line with the white of the belly. The dorsal fin is large and rounded.

Behavioral characterization

They are not very active and usually travel slowly through the water.


South Atlantic coast off South Africa.

Population size



Killer whales

Migration/Dispersal patterns

Unknown; no sightings of migrating animals suggest they might do not migrate at all.

Social system/Group size

Mostly seen in groups of 2 - 25.

Major threats

Entanglement in fishing gear is known to be the biggest threat to the spectecled porpoise. Stranding in areas with high fishing activity has been observed, which indicates that the overfishing forces them to move inshore. Offshore pollution from ships and oil spills are also an increasing threat.

Research efforts


Fun fact

A white ring is conspicuous around the black eye patch, a feature that earns this species its common name